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Avoiding the Quarantine 15: Mood-Boosting Foods That Also Stave Off the Muffin Tops

We all have different ways of coping with coronavirus quarantine, but one thing seems to unite us: we’re all eating more than we usually would. Being in such close proximity to the kitchen (with nowhere else to go) means we snack incessantly all day long. Grazing isn’t bad, per se, but when we’re loading up on comfort foods laden with sugar, fat, and salt, it should come as no surprise that we’re all gaining the “quarantine 15” in record time.

What’s even worse than weight gain are the mood swings that follow our gorge fests; one minute we’re manic, the next lethargic. This food free-for-all isn’t doing us any favors, which is why we’ve dug deep into research on the best mood-boosting foods that also stave off the dreaded muffin top. The next time you put in a grocery delivery order (or dare to venture to the store yourself), do your body, mind, and spirit a solid and just say no to junk food — and yes to these healthy eats instead.

Cover Photo: Jevtic (Getty Images)

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