RANKED! The Worst Plagues in Human History

The novel coronavirus is sucking pretty hard at the moment, but we will survive. Yes, times are tough, but plagues have always been a part of human life. Bacteria and viruses shaped the course of events a little like how bouncers regulate a club. They let some empires in the VIP section while showing others the exit door. Also like bouncers, no one really likes them.

COVID-19 is undoubtedly the hot microbe this season. But, how does it stack up the Spanish Flu, the Bubonic Plague and other famous plagues? (Respiratory infections are so 2009.) Our world is on lockdown, but at least it’s still spinning. Plagues of yore turned cities into graveyards. If you ever played The Oregon Trail (aka the best computer game of all time), then you already know. For everyone else, here’s a list that puts it all in perspective. We compare coronavirus to these diseases and try to find lessons for how to survive.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros. (Getty Images)

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