The Demand For Almond Milk Is Killing Billions of Honeybees, Who Claim They Can’t Catch a Break

At home, you probably have a carton of milk that didn’t come from a cow, either because you have lactose intolerance or you just want to drink a healthier, safer, more “woke” milk. Chances are, your non-dairy milk du jour is almond milk. You probably believe that by saving the teets of a bovine, you’re doing a good deed for society while also getting healthy. Well, you’re wrong. Your consumption of almond milk is literally killing off honeybees.

According to a report from The Guardian, your love for almond milk is destroying the hives of bees that are being used to pollinate the orchards. How? Well, we asked a honeybee to get its take on this situation. Here’s what it said: “Hi, I’m a bee. This almond milk business really sucks. Your agricultural methods are completely screwing with the way we work as a hive. Since we’re being forced to work on almond crops exclusively, we’re choking on the pesticides you douse your crops with and getting strange terminal illnesses. If it was up to us, you would stop drinking almond milk altogether.”

Do you want knowing you’re a bee murderer on your conscience? We didn’t think so. Next time you’re thirsty for a lactose-free beverage, grab a carton of oat milk, soy milk, or coconut milk. The honeybees will thank you for it.

Photo: picture alliance (Getty Images) 

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