Meme VS. Meme: Cereal Or Milk First?

Alphabet Cereal Bowl. Photo: skodonnell (Getty).

There is a lot of injustice in the world. There are also plenty of folks who don’t really know what that means, so they complain about little things on the internet using everyone’s favorite platform — memes! Since no one can stand hearing an argument go unopposed, most of the time memes that are against something or cast a certain behavior in a negative light have their fair share of detractors (also in meme form, of course).

Last time, we pitted pineapple pizza lovers against the memes that despise them. They put up valiant effort, but in the end, the detractors won the day. Today’s battle is even more one-sided, so we had to call in backup. While the approval rating of those who put milk in the bowl before their cereal is abysmal, the very same people who consider it a travesty rarely remember to check their fridges until after pouring themselves a heaping mound of breakfast. We’ll call that a win in the “milk before cereal” column any day. But…is it enough?

Meme VS. Meme: Cereal Or Milk First?

The jury is in: you should never be standing in front of a bowl of milk with nothing else in it unless you’ve already eaten your cereal. But the fact that nearly everyone can relate to forgetting the milk entirely shows that we all make mistakes. We’ll call it a wash…until next time.

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