Love Language: 12 Dating Terms You Never Knew Existed (And You Might Want to Know)

Dating is as old as time, but the way we date and how we talk about it has changed dramatically. With the advent of digital everything, it became much easier to linger ambivalently in someone’s life, to interact from a safe distance online, and to generally be indecisive and unclear about your intentions regarding a relationship. We have a plethora of information on the people we date, but this results in more confusion than clarity. If you’ve been mind-effed in the dating realm recently, don’t worry; we all have. What’s more, there are names for the B.S. you’ve been going through. These are the 12 devasting new dating terms you need to know. Study them, then vow to be nobody’s victim.

Cover Photo: Klaus Vedfelt  (Getty Images)

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