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Ranked! The Best Tailgating Foods for the NFL Football Season

Football season has returned and that means it’s time to get your tailgating game on. The ancient (OK, not so ancient) tradition of stuffing yourself in celebratory fashion before a sporting event lives on and is one of the best parts of being a football fan. But what you serve to your friends and fellow sports nuts from the back of your pick-up truck in that stadium parking lot will determine whether or not you “win” at tailgating.

Unlike alcohol (which you will also obviously serve and only needs to be plentiful), crafting the perfect tailgating spread can be challenging. We’ve given you a head start by ranking the best tailgating foods for football season. Now all you have to do is either pick and choose which to put on your menu or figure out how to bring them all to the party. Go team!

Cover Photo: Thomas Barwick (Getty Images)