7 Gourmet Weed Recipes To Get Your Dinner Guests Lifted

It’s official. Edibles have taken America by storm. And not just our long-haired uncle’s half-baked magic brownies and gummy bears. We’re talking culinary level, artisanal-minded doses of delicious fun that combine the best of weed and food. From San Francisco to New York, the new generation of chefs is bringing euphoria to the masses one dish at a time. And now you can, too. The key to any great cannabis-laced repast starts with the infusion (mainly butter or oil) and the dosage (start small and work your way up). With the aid of these two principles, weed is quickly earning its place alongside such bread-breaking staples as vino, cocktails, and beer. Whether you’re new to the high table or an old hand (with a green thumb) for culinary cannabis, this seven-course meal will knock you (and your dinner guest’s) socks off.

Photo: Creative-Family (Getty Images)

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