The Long Haul: What’s Better, A Friend You Love or a Passionate Train Wreck?

In a perfect world, you could experience everything with your favorite people by your side. Unfortunately, you are a mere mortal and must often choose who accompanies you on the journey. This choice often comes down to your trusted best buddy who you’ve known since childhood and love like a brother or the passionate train wreck you only met two weeks ago but who has you under an intoxicating sex spell. We’ve pulled some of life’s biggest events and analyzed which of these two people is best suited to each situation. Only one will be deemed worthy of a lifetime of togetherness. Start your engines! The race is on.

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Sorry, but the passionate train wreck is the loser in our analysis. She’ll be fun for a while, but she just can’t go the distance. There’s simply no better sidekick for the roller coaster of life than a BFF.

Ultimate Winner: Trusted Friend

Cover Photo: Hybrid Images (Getty Images)

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