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8 Amazon Self-Care Gifts To Give Yourself When You’re Drunk, Down, Or Something In Between

Welcome to peak capitalism, where you won’t ever figure out how to be truly happy on your own. At least, that is, without purchasing something to ease the pain and anxiety of being alive. If you cannot remember the last time you simply enjoyed yourself without suddenly panicking over something, that’s where these radical self-care items come into play. Obviously, this is because finding stillness is rarely about getting enough sleep, toning down your partying, eating good food, and drinking enough water. No, it’s because you need stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. So if it’s stuff you need to ease the existential conundrum of existence, satiate the emptiness with these items.

Cover Photo: svetikd (Getty Images)

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When you’re suffering from the blues, what item would change your attitude? Let us know in the comments!

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