Sun’s Out, Jorts Out: 19 Funny GIFs To Keep You From a Brave Mistake

Now that summer is officially here and temperatures are rising off the charts, staying cool is priority number one. And what better way to stay cool (both physically and socially) than by taking your favorite pair of winter jeans and whittling them down to a sexy shroud of summer-ready jorts?

To celebrate this perennial fashion mistake that never seems to go out of style, we bring you the ultimate mood board of jorts (and jorts-related) GIFs to inspire your summer wardrobe. So next time you look in the mirror before heading off to that party, but just aren’t convinced that jorts is the right call, remember this: wearing jorts doubles your fun even if your friends and family (and random people on the street) totally disagree. Only you know what’s in your heart. So suit up party people and let the unadulterated fun begin.

Photo: Stanton j Stephens (Getty Images)

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