Kanye’s ‘Church Clothes’ Somehow Make Him More Unlikable

Photo: Rich Fury / Staff (Getty Images)

Kanye West (aka Mr. Kim Kardashian) promised fans a Sunday Service on Easter that would floor them, and in a way, he pulled it off. The “marketing genius” managed to rake in the dough by selling stunning limited edition Sunday Service merch, and not because said merch was particularly revolutionary from a fashion standpoint, but thanks to the incredibly high prices. Yeezus sold very basic-looking pairs of socks for $50 and sweatshirts as high as $225. All this, thanks to the hip-hop god’s evolving brand.

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No, your eyes do not deceive you. That’s $65 for a washed-out sweatshirt that says “Holy Spirit” and $50 for “Jesus Walks” socks. Anywhere else in the world this would be suspect. Since it’s Kanye West, drones from all over were excited to wait in line in Indio, California, for overpriced Church Clothes swag. However, we have to ask, is a $70 “Trust God” T-shirt worth it based on a performance-art gimmick?

Check out photos from the service and decide for yourself!

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Is fitting in at a complete narcissist’s performance-art “church service” worth the price of admission? Let us know in the comments!

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