Photo: Happy Socks, Nice Laundry & Pantherella

Next-Level Threads: How to Evolve Your Sock Drawer

Photo: Happy Socks, Nice Laundry & Pantherella

Socks used to be all function and no form, but these days they’re just another way to showcase your style and personality. Before you stuff your sock drawer with fun, new purchases, we should go over some rules. Typically, if you’re working in a business professional environment, you want your socks to be in the same color wheel as your dress pants. One way to get around this is matching them to your dress shirt or tie. Doing this is a fun way to tie a look together without sacrificing style.

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When it comes to denim and more casual environments, the world is your oyster. As long as that oyster fits on your feet and is comfortable. In the case that your pants hem is a bit higher, you’ll need to opt for ankle socks, which should match the color of your shoe so you don’t see any trace of it.  Now that we’ve got the basics covered, here are our picks for evolving your footwear game like a real adult.

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Are there any socks that satisfy your style and comfort needs that we didn’t add? Let us know what they are in the comments!

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