The Bruce Banner Anger Management Guide to Keeping Your Inner Hulk Tucked Away

Photo: Universal Pictures

Life can be aggravating – from the constant stream of junk mail littering your inbox to the terrible drivers you encounter on the way to work –  it’s enough to make anyone lose their cool. Sometimes the toilet breaks at the worst possible moment or the WiFi is being wonky, turning your Game of Thrones experience into a stop-and-start affair. But before you go all “Hulk smash” on everyone, remember: As someone’s therapist used to say “the WiFi didn’t make you angry, you made you angry.”

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So the next time your blood begins to boil and you start to see red (or green in this case), remember these anger management techniques to keep your inner Hulk from smashing the really expensive thing that just happens to be within arm’s reach at that exact moment. We promise, for normal life stuff, Bruce Banner has a way easier time than the Hulk.

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