5 Celebrity Drinking Buddies We’d Die To Have A Beer With

Photo: Thomas Barwick (Getty Images)

Who’s your dream celebrity drinking buddy? If you’re like the Americans asked this question in a recent survey, the answer is Betty White.

Whether or not you’re old enough to remember Golden Girls, you probably still know who Betty White is. The feisty 97-year-old’s career spans eight decades. It remains to be seen if the sassy, silver-haired actor even likes beer, but that didn’t stop the Beer Institute from releasing survey results that made it quite clear who the masses want to imbibe with. Almost one out of five people surveyed picked White as the celebrity they’d like to have a beer with. (Runners-up included Bill Gates, Denzel Washington, Lady Gaga, and Oprah.)

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We’ve got no beef with Betty, but we’d really like to sit down with the following celebs for a pint or two. How about you? Tell us who your dream celebrity drinking buddy is in the comments!


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