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Sex Robot Brothel Comes Up Short on Mixing Business With Weird Pleasure

Photo: Eve’s Robot Dreams

We tell people to dream big, and Unicult cult leader Unicole Unicron did, or at least she tried to. Unicole is the woman behind a super strange, totally failed IndieGoGo Campaign that promised to be the first consent-based sex robot brothel called Eve’s Robot Dreams. (Because what men want is to obviously build a relationship with a robot before consummating the “relationship,” instead of, you know, using robots so they don’t have to ask real women for sex.)

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Unicole said she planned to staff her AI bordello with the Harmony bot by Realbotix sex robots, which has a mechanical head that can talk, make conversation, joke, and respond to physical movements via sensors. Unfortunately, Unicole fell dramatically short of her goal of $110,000, so no sex robots for you, at least not now. But if consent-based sex robots tickle your very specific fancy, worry not. Unicole says she still has plans to open her sexually explicit neural network. Instead of crowdfunding, she plans to raise the funds for her robotic cathouse with private funding, which will obviously come from men who want more obstacles when it comes to earning the coveted green light for sex.

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Would you have put your money behind a consensual sex robot brothel? Or do you prefer your robot brothel visits to have less than zero conversation? Let us know in the comments!

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