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You Can (Finally) Buy Sex Dolls On A Monthly Payment Plan

Photo: ferrantraite (Getty)

Be honest: If you had the money (and were feeling beyond desperate), would you ever consider buying a sex doll? Is it even a question?

Silicone Sex World, the UK’s #1 supplier of real sex dolls, thinks the answer would be a resounding yes. Of course, having the available cash is a common problem, considering the cost of a sex doll can reach upwards of $10,000. But what if you could pay a monthly fee for your sex robot? Sold! But just to be sure, check with the wife first.

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Silicone Sex World decided to team up with credit broker, Ideal 4 Finance, who they believe will allow their randy costumers the opportunity to purchase a life-like sex doll, something they could not have done before, given the elevated price tag, on a monthly basis. Sounds like it’s worth it for the carpool option alone.

“At Silicone Sex World, we realize how important your doll is to you. More so, we recognize the investment you make when purchasing a sex doll,” their website said. “When looking to purchase such a high-value item, you may want to spread the cost over a period of time.”

Base models of a sex doll can cost between $1,120 and $4,095, but that’s before the much-desired add-ons. Think of it like a car. Are you really going to purchase a new ride without power windows and automatic transmission? Doubtful. So you’re obviously going to want the premium silicone and those juicy Kardashian doubles, right?

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“It’s a rapidly growing industry and we want to make sure we are as competitive as we can be,” Richard Thorne, marketing manager at SSW, told The Sun. “There are obvious payment benefits to this kind of finance option, and it comes at an exciting time for the business.”

Finance rates are expected to be as low as 4 percent so that purchasing a sex doll on a month-to-month payment plan shouldn’t be too costly over time. Not sure the same can be said about your pride, however.

How could a ‘too good to be true’ business plan go awry? Besides the return policy, we want to know what happens to these poor dolls once people get bored with them and move onto the next one.