Meanwhile in Nevada: Infamous Brothel For Sale (Kinky Memorabilia Included)

If you’re in the market for a piece of real estate with a storied history, have we got a must-see property for you. The Nevada brothel made infamous by former NBA player Lamar Odom is on the market.

The establishment, which is located 80 miles away from Las Vegas in Amargosa Valley, advertises “Fun Open 24 hours” out front along with a female mannequin. Previously branded as the Cherry Patch and the Love Ranch, and the notorious site of Lamar Odom’s overdose, it went up for sale recently after its longtime owner, Dennis Hof, died.

In a video of the abandoned property posted on the New York Post, it appears the site of so many lewd acts was listed as-is, with everything from old mattresses, high heels, and hooker makeup still littering the premises. Filled with wood paneling, water-stained ceilings, and signs like “CONDOMS ARE MANDATORY,” it has a lot of…um…character.

Despite its state of disrepair, it was originally listed for $1.2 million. That price also includes a huge plot of land, a backhoe, track hoe, advertising truck, and limousine.

“It could be a spa and RV park or Hemp Farm,” the listing reads.

If you say so, realtor. It seems to us there are really only two uses for a place like this: another brothel or a sex museum.

Cover Photo: New York Post