Absinthe Minded: 5 Brands of the Scary ‘Green Fairy’ You Needn’t Fear

Photo: Rafa Elias (Getty Images)

The world of alcohol is drunk with social stigmas: Jägermeister for frat boy Jägerbombs and vodka for Jell-O shots while tequila makes a happy drunk and moonshine might make you go blind. But no spirit has worse press than absinthe.

The anise-flavored, herbal spirit, better known as “the naughty water,” has more than a century of negative stereotyping going against it. Sometimes referred to as “the green fairy” due to its green hue, absinthe was fancied over a sugar cube and, with the right amount, could potentially make you hallucinate (god willing).

After extreme popularity in the 18th century, the momentum halted when people claimed the spirit was dangerous and addictive. By 1915, it was banned in the US, which lasted nearly a century until 2007 when many brands began to hit the market again.

Check out some bartender-approved picks for the best brand for an absinthe afternoon delight.

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