Scrooge McDrunk: Vodka Brand Giving Gold Bars For Loyal Drinkers to Swim In

Photo: Image Group LA (Getty Images)

Vodka drinkers are fairly loyal when it comes to the brand they soak their livers with, whereas bourbon lovers will scorch the earth to collect as many bottles as they can. If you’ve been sipping on Ketel or Grey Goose for since puberty, chances are that’s not changing any time soon. But what if changing your loyalty could make you rich?

Russian Standard Gold Vodka will be giving away gold bars every week for the rest of the year, one-ounce pure gold bars, valued at $1,300 each to one loyal fan. Is this a desperate ploy to win us over? Probably. At least now your liver is worth its weight in gold.

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To enter, customers can look up the “Bring Home the Gold” contest on their mobile devices. Enter the contest and you’re on your way to Scrooge McDuck-ing your way into gold. Of course, then you’ll need more than gold to fix your back.

If you can’t be bought, good for you. See our picks for vodkas to ruin your life with.

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