Next Level Threads: Be Festive For St. Patty’s Without Looking Like A Green Dirtbag

Photo: Master1305  (Getty Images)

Just say no to dressing like a St. Patty’s Day douche. You’re a man now, dawg. You’re a grownup with a job and some semblance of a savings account. So why is it that you choose to dress like a dimestore leprechaun to get wasted beyond belief on March 17? There’s a ton of ways to avoid becoming a St. Patrick’s Day “don’t” and we’re here to help prevent this nightmare from becoming your reality. You’ll thank us for it when you drunkenly ask a woman for her number and she doesn’t eye-roll your ass to hell.

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Have you matured past green beads and poorly-fitting plastic green hats? Let us known what you’ll be wearing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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