Double Dipping

This Invention Will End Double Dipping Once And For All

Photo: rez-art (Getty Images)

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away. That means that if you didn’t do it already, your time is running out to stock up on gameday snacks. One of the most popular snacks for sports viewing is chips (or veggies if you’re into that sort of thing) and dip. The only problem is that, if you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, you’re going to have to worry about your guests double dipping.

Well, Heluva Good, makers of some of your favorite dips of all time, came up with a unique product that will finally put an end to all of your dip-related fears. It’s called the “No Double Dip-Spinner” and it’s Heluva Good’s answer to “grubby fingers” finding their way into the dip bowl. Simply put, the device is “outfitted with a motion detector to dispense the perfect amount of dip for any party snack at the wave of a potato chip, wing, veggies, or other dippables,” the brand said in a press release.

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Photo: Heluva Good

But, that’s not even the best part. While you’re holding your chip, chicken wing, celery stick, or whole slice of pizza beneath the dispenser, the No Double Dip-Spinner will even cheer you on by announcing “touchdown,” “score,” or “automatic first-down” while you slather your food with French onion, bacon horseradish, dill pickle, or any number of dip flavors.

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The dip-spinner consists of a “circular dip-dial” with three different dispensers to squirt out different amounts of dip. They come in “Little Dipper,” “Just Right Dipper,” and “Big Dipper.” Heluva Good will be giving away spinners and other prizes to select dip fans who share their double-dipping stories with @heluvagooddips on Instagram.


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