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New ‘Hunger Harness’ Ensures You’ll Never Miss a Football Play Again

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc (For Getty Images)

Reynolds Wrap is a household name. We know the brand for its plastic wrap and aluminum foil. If you take a look in your kitchen pantry, there’s a pretty good chance you have one of their products waiting to be used to cover your favorite casserole before you pop it into the oven or keep your leftovers fresh in your fridge. But the odds are you don’t yet have a Reynolds Wrap-designed wearable harness. Yeah, we thought so.

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In one of the strangest product announcements so far in 2019, Reynolds Wrap is launching a harness the brand calls The Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness. And, it’s exactly what you hope it is. It’s a harness to keep track of all of your food and drinks while you watch NFL playoff games, the Westminster dog show, or binge-watch your favorite Netflix show. Who wants to get up and grab more chips, dip, or another beer, right? What a hassle.

Photo: Reynolds Wrap

The official site refers to the harness as “The Ultimate Game Day Wearable” and we are having a hard time disagreeing with them. If you’re smart enough to purchase this must-have item, here’s what you can look forward to: a thermal pouch designed to keep sandwiches, chicken wings, and other food items hot.

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It also comes with an “integrated food tray that turns you into a human table.” Even though the thought of becoming a human table reminds us of a certain terrifying movie involving a centipede, we are still somehow on board. The harness also has an insulated dip holder so your buffalo chicken dip will never get cold and uneaten. Plus, it’s adjustable for any body size and shape, from dad bod to college bod. The best part is that this crazy product is being sold for an astonishingly low price of $4.99 (the same price as the brand’s aluminum foil) on the Reynolds Wrap website.


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