This New Robot Bartender Makes Hosting Holiday Parties A Breeze

Photo: Laura Lezza / Contributor (Getty Images)

Hosting is rough work. This is especially true during the holidays. That’s because there’s something “special” about the holiday season and every party is supposed to mimic that feeling. You need to have the “right” appetizers, drinks, food, and even ambiance. Everything must work in unison. That’s a lot of stress on the host. How can they possibly serve you drinks while they’re busy working on a five-course meal in the kitchen? Well, Stella Artois is here to help with a lovable robot.

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No, it’s not Paulie’s robot from Rocky 4, but it’s surprisingly close. That’s because the famed beer brand is launching the perfect robot for your holiday gatherings and they’re calling it B.A.R.T. (Bartending Automated Robot Technology).

Photo: Stella Artois

“Everyone can relate to hosting a holiday party and spending more time running around or cleaning up than actually enjoying spending time with their friends and family. So this year, Stella Artois decided to make our consumers’ lives a little easier by introducing B.A.R.T.,” Lara Krug, vice-president at Stella Artois, said in a press release.

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B.A.R.T. consists of a custom tray designed to hold up to four bottles of beer and beer glasses. The cup holders were designed to stop the beer from spilling while the robot is zooming around your house. In the center is a bowl for snacks to pair with your favorite beer. All this is available on Stella’s website for only $19.99.

In the simplest terms, it’s a robot bartender created to serve beer and snacks to your hungry and thirsty guests. Since it attaches to your robot vacuum, it will help clean up while the party is still happening. So, that’s pretty cool too. Nobody likes cleaning the next day.