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Watch This Beer Commercial And Busch Will Save Trees

Photo: Wolfgang Kumm/picture alliance (Getty Images)

When you open your YouTube app, eager to view the new Binging with Babish episode, cat video, or the latest hot music video, you’re probably aware of the annoying “pre-roll” commercials. These are the quick advertisements that air for a few seconds before you get to see that sweet, sweet content. If you’re anything like us, you hate them. You wanted to watch a video your co-workers have been talking about featuring a tap-dancing dog and now you have to sit through a commercial for Tide or Old Spice? What if taking a few seconds out of your day to watch a beer commercial would actually help to save our planet? Would you still hate them?

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Well, new commercials from Busch Beer are aiming to do just that. The brand is cheekily referring to the content as “Tree-Roll” and if you don’t click off of it and actually stick through to the end, Busch will donate money to The National Forest Foundation, a non-profit.

Watch the ad all the way through because for every view, Busch will donate $1 to the foundation. If that doesn’t seem like a lot, just imagine how much money you can raise by watching the ad 100 times in a row (for those who didn’t pay attention in math class that’s 100 smackaroos).

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This campaign is related to the search for gold medallions we previously reported on. The first person to find one of these expertly hidden medallions will receive a year of free, frosty, thirst-quenching Busch beer. If you aren’t at all outdoorsy, you can easily turn on your phone, tablet, or computer and raise money to help save trees just by watching an amusing advertisement.


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