Head to Toe: The Mandatory 2018 Holiday Men’s Style Gift Guide

Photo: Torrey West (Courtesy of Riddle Oil)

You couldn’t possibly make it through your holiday shopping, not without our Mandatory Holiday Style Gift Guide (and spiking the eggnog, again). No, what you need a quick and painless proper style catalog tailored to your holiday shopping style needs, from head to toe.

From the smells and shave soap you need up top on down to the recycled clothing and an ethically created style you need to dress with a sense of pride and sustainable consciousness. Even your underwear should be a thoughtful purchase, and now you can make it so by matching with your significant other. There’s also a vegan shoe or two for you in here.

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Take a stroll through this year’s holiday gift guide and find what’s missing for those you love (and yourself, of course). Because we all know, the best presents are the ones you also want for yourself. So add two of each of these to your cart, check out and be done with your holiday shopping earlier than you ever thought imaginable.

Then you can spend Christmas Eve ruining everyone’s holiday with your eggnog instead of running to the stores. Just kidding, nobody goes to stores anymore!

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