With New Duck Sandwich, Arby’s Literally Has ‘All The Meats’

Photo: Arby’s

During every Arby’s commercial, the booming voice of Ving Rhames announces: “We have the meats,” thus proclaiming that the chain is home to more than just its iconic roast beef sandwiches. In recent years, the chain has attempted to prove that they have literally all forms of meat fit for consumption.

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Arby’s has paraded out sandwich after sandwich made from various exotic meats as well as some ridiculous over-the-top creations. Let us not forget the aptly named “Meat Mountain” with its chicken tenders, roast turkey, ham, roast beef, corned beef, brisket, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and bacon. They took that one step further by releasing a “Denali Style” with the addition of fried Alaskan pollock. Last year, the brand released a venison sandwich and an elk sandwich. Now, fans of waterfowl will be delighted to know that the newest addition to the Arby’s meat army is duck.

Photo: Arby’s

Just in time for hunting season, Arby’s debuted the limited-edition Seared Duck Breast Sandwich in select restaurants on Oct. 20. The areas of its release were chosen based on the proximity of “waterfowl migration flyways” in the Atlantic, Central, Mississippi, and Pacific regions.

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The sandwich itself is made with duck breast from Maple Leaf Farms in Leesburg, Indiana. It’s seared, then cooked sous vide style before being topped off with crispy onions and a smoked cherry sauce all on a toasted bun. There’s no word yet as to whether they plan to add this to the top of the aforementioned ‘Meat Mountain’. Let’s hope they do.