Hundreds Of People Are Accidentally Killing Themselves Trying To Take Cool Selfies, Study Finds

According to a new study, 259 people were confirmed to have died in the past six years while taking “risky” selfies, averaging to 43 per year.

The study was performed by the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care with the help of dozens of India-based researchers. The body of data found that the average age of selfie deaths is around 23 years old and the vast majority are male (72.5%).

These 259 people died in a variety of unfortunate ways, from being washed away by waves at the beach to falling from an unsurvivable height. Some were even electrocuted or hit by a train. While their fate varied they all had something in common: they wanted an amazing photo for social media.

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The study concluded by suggesting that “No selfie zones” should be marked on popular tourist locations that are potentially fatal including mountain tops, tall buildings, and even volcanoes. Of course, that wouldn’t stop some people from taking photos anyway, but would at least highlight the danger involved.

A more recent trend has selfie-fans forego the tried-and-true selfie stick to instead use their feet, making risky selfies even more dangerous. If you’re into that sort of thing, then please be careful.