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RANKED! 10 Revolutionary Technologies That Defined The 90’s

Maybe you grew up in the 90’s. Maybe you’re just curious what was so special about the 90’s and why nobody will stop talking about it. Whatever the case, if you’re up for some 90’s technology nostalgia, then you’ve come to the right place.

Like millions of kids, I grew up during the 90’s. This was a time when technology was seeing rapid acceleration, and new ideas birthed the highly-connected digital world that we live in today.

So just what were the most impactful technologies of the 90’s? Well, there were quite a few of them, but in this feature, we’re going to look at 10 that most impacted the world right before the turn of the century. Sound good? Let’s dive right in within the gallery below.

And that’s it for our top 10 technologies of the 90’s. If you enjoyed this list, be sure to check out our Facebook channel to keep up-to-speed on everything related to technology and gadgets.


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