The Seahawks’ Deafening Stadium Now Has An Official Beer

Photo: Otto Greule Jr (Getty Images)

Seattle’s Elysian Brewing is known for its boundary-pushing beers, but its newest beer is louder than most. That’s because the famed brewery is collaborating with the hometown Seattle Seahawks to make a limited-edition beer in honor of its ridiculously raucous stadium.

To say that Seattle’s CenturyLink Field was designed to be a noisy stadium is an extreme understatement. It’s known as a deafening, ear-shattering place that opposing teams dread visiting. The atmosphere at the stadium is so loud that the Seahawks set the Guinness world record for loudest outdoor stadium not once, but twice.

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According to Purdue University, 150 decibels is the equivalent of standing under a jet as it takes off and it’s also enough to rupture your eardrum. One of the measurements at CenturyLink Field came in at 137.6 decibels. Yeah, the stadium is pretty loud. Sixty-nine thousand people yelling in unison tend to do that.

No wonder, then, that the official beer of the stadium is called The Noise Pale Ale, available in 16-ounce cans at the stadium. Now you can yell until your lungs hurt and then sip on a cool, frosty brew and hope that you don’t wake up on Monday morning with no voice left to make any work-related phone calls. 


This 5.5 percent pale ale was designed to be crushable and smooth. That makes perfect sense since it’s meant to be paired with ballpark foods and the high-flying escapades of Russell Wilson and company.

This isn’t the first collaboration between the brewery and other entities. This summer, it released a beer made in collaboration with band Def Leppard of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” fame.

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The Noise Pale Ale is a combination of Great Western Premium 2 Row and Pilsner Malts as well as Hallertauer Blanc, Mandarina, Bavaria, and Northern Brewer hops. It is available in draft and cans at CenturyLink Field and Elysian Brewing’s Seattle locations: Elysian Tangletown, Elysian Taproom, Elysian Capitol Hill and on-draft only at Elysian Fields. A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to Plymouth Housing Group, a charity attempting to end homelessness in the city, so you can feel good that your game day fuel will will help out the less fortunate.