Reclaim Your Energy With Jin Shin Jystsu Finger Holds

Photo: Pongsak Tawansaeng / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Finger holds are an ancient Japanese self-healing art with a growing number of practitioners. Forget EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and breath work. Jin Shin Jystsu, the style of acupressure that includes finger holds, is a growing self-healing trend and it’s easy to see why. In this world filled with New Ageism and no-holds barred modern advice like Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, we are literally assaulted with a verifiable whirlwind of tricks, life hacks, and step-by-steps that all claim to de-stress, perk up, and obliterate those blue moods.

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All we really want is something that works, and works quickly, especially given the ever-shrinking time we have to devote to our mental health and self development. Jin Shin Jystsu is easy to do anywhere in two-minute windows, making this a simple, go-to technique everyone should have in their healer’s tool kit.

A Philosophy of the Body

Rediscovered by in the early 20th Century by Juro Murai and popularized by Mary Burmeister in the ’80s, Jin Shin Jystsu has since achieved greater awareness in the West. Through experimentation, studying acupressure, and reading and translating philosophical texts, including the Japanese Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), Murai discovered a way to revitalize energy through 26 energy locks.

One of the greatest things about this art is its practicality. You don’t have to travel to an ashram in India or take in-depth courses or read up on history and theory: you just find the finger hold or Safety Energy Lock (SEL) that matches your energy issue. Incapable of letting go of the small things? Hold your little finger. Are you prone to quick anger? Hold your middle finger. Combined with deep breathing, you’ll find that the tension or obsession you were holding on to gently fades. With more practice, it may disappear altogether!

How Does it Work?

Described by Burmeister as a “physio-philosophy,” the art of Jin Shin Jystsu helps redirect the flow of energy. Maladies like chronic fatigue, emotional turmoil, or depression are conceptualized as energy flow blocks by practitioners of Jin Shin Jystsu.

In Alice Burmeister’s book, The Touch of Healing, she provides an index of ailments for easy consultation. Of particular interest is the mantra of harmonizing balance. Thanks to endless screen exposure, too much time spent inside and not enough time spent in nature, many of us are energetically sick.

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The most effective, quick release techniques (called “jumper cabling”) are the Total Harmonizer Energy Lock, which involves placing one hand over the other with the thumb resting in the middle of the palm, and the First Depth Lock, which involves holding the thumb to balance scattered and worried emotions.

Given that Jin Shin Jystsu costs nothing and is available anytime you need it, you’ve got nothing to lose (except your stress and depression) by trying it!