Become a Better DIY Guy With This Kickstarter-Funded 20-Bit Screwdriver

TL; DR: A 20-bit ergonomic screwdriver, available at a 12% discount.

Handling DIY repairs around the house can be a bit of a drag when you have to work with a bunch of tiny, clumsy tools. Imagine a single device that holds all those tiny screws in place while spinning and tightening them in. It would definitely make you a better handyman, no doubt.

The tool of your dreams is now a real thing and it’s called the Spinner Drive Ergonomic Screwdriver. It makes repair jobs more seamless with its simple design. The Spinner Drive features a smooth ball bearing that helps tighten loose screws using nothing but your finger strength and a dimple on top that lets you rest your index finger, while the other fingers do the spin job.

The Spinner Drive was successfully funded at $201,076 on Kickstarter, and that’s not just because it’s designed beautifully but also because it’s innovative. Features like slip-resistant grooves that provide better handling and prevent the screwdriver from rolling away while you use it, plus spinner wheels that make it rotate faster, all combine to make your work a lot easier.

For a tool that’s so small in size, the Spinner Drive sure can do loads of things. It comes with 20 universal bits, so you don’t need to buy a bunch of other screwdrivers. Whether it’s a precision or standard screwdriver you need, you can get it from this single tool. And even if you need to do a quick non-impact application, you can use it thanks to its compatibility with electric screwdrivers. The built-in magnet also snaps other bits firmly in place when you need to insert or replace them.

The best part is you can get the Spinner Drive for $64.99, a 12% discount on the retail price of $74.

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