The Three Words Men Love Hearing Most In Bed Sound Like A Lot Of Work

close-up of young woman nibbling man’s ear. Photo: bilderlounge (Getty)

We recently told you how the two words women love hearing the most in bed sound like they’re better suited for complimenting your puppy. Now it appears the words sending guys to the Big O are simply polite and straight to the point (while still requiring some major effort on their part).

According to the Daily Star, male readers were recently asked to name the words they love hearing while taking a young college coed to pound town. More than 1,000 men obliged. Let’s just say the phrases making the top of the list mean all guys want to hear from the ladies these days is that they’re doing everything correctly.

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A stunning 44 percent of men responded that they’re going to burst at the seams if their female counterpart says, “Please don’t stop.” The top three were rounded out by two more phrases of gratification, with 26 percent of dudes saying they like to hear “That feels good,” followed by 17 percent of them enjoy hearing “You’re so big” from the ladies.

13 percent of the guys must not have been held enough as a child. They actually enjoy hearing “I love you” from their hump partners. Meanwhile, “The only reason why I’m letting you do this is because your daddy has a ton of money” missed the list for the ninth straight year.