Is Your Girlfriend Faking With You? The Answer Could Invariably Be Yes

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You know how they say you have to fake it to make it? It seems the phrase rings especially true in the realm of female sexcapades, according to a recent survey by DrEd dealing with sex, orgasms and a lack thereof. And these fascinating statistics may help to answer one of the hardest (so to speak) questions there is to answer: Is my girlfriend faking with me? Well, gentlemen, you may find the answer could invariably be: yes.

With 2,000 men and women from America and Europe surveyed on their sexual proclivities when it comes to finishing the deed (or not so much), we learned quite a bit about the fairer sex, only now we’re not so sure which one is being fairer lately.

Is it to make the other person feel better, or simply is it an excuse to get some much needed sleep? Read on and learn some harsh truth about men and women faking orgasms and just how shameless it’s become.

Is Your Girlfriend Faking With You? The Answer Could Invariably Be Yes

A stunning 68 percent of women admit to faking an orgasm.

Whether gay, straight or bi, nearly at least 60 percent of all women from the survey of 2,000 men and women admit to faking it. A staggering 68 percent of straight women, 67 percent bisexual and 59 percent gay women are all guilty. Seems there’s no discrimination towards men when it comes to an inability to reach the finish line.

Nearly 90 percent of men orgasm at least most of the time, whereas less than 50 percent of women climax as often.

So it may make sense for women who can’t climax. Is it more polite to lie, help the other person get there and then get some quick shut-eye? Or is it just easier than telling someone it’s not going to happen because men who don’t enjoy being emasculated will likely think they’re the one who’s going to turn things around before anyone gets any sleep. You know, it’s a very mental thing for women, usually requiring trust and being comfortable to be vulnerable, not something too common in our dating app culture.

Twelve percent of women rarely orgasm, while 5 percent never do.

We were a little worried when we read that 25 percent of women fake at least some of the time and 10 percent most of the time, while 95 percent of men either cum all the time or most of the time. But then we read 12 percent of women rarely do and cried a little inside. Is it because their sex toy threshold is too high? Are they just not being correctly satisfied? Read on, friends, and maybe you’ll find out.

A sad 46 percent of American women say their partner is below average.

While a little more than a third of European women say their partners are below average in terms of their sexual performance, nearly half (46%) of American women are there (or should we say “not there”) with their partners. The DrEd survey says that 53 percent of American women are likely to fake it, compared to 36 percent of European women. Even worse, only 27 percent of American girls say their partners are above average in bed, which might account for the near 70 percent of women faking it.

So, guys, maybe Euro chicks are the way to go. Or maybe it just has something to do with the seriousness of the relationship. Or does it?

The type of relationship doesn’t seem to affect the faking too much.

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Women were surveyed to fake with 20 percent of one-night stands, the same percent as married women with their perma-partners. And 29 percent of new relationships and 31 percent of long-term relationships were faked so it seems women don’t discriminate with seriousness or time, which is surprising because most women will tell you it’s all about being comfortable with a guy. From here, it just goes off the rails…

Half of women are indifferent to faking & less than 5 percent feel any shame.

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Coincidentally enough, half of women are neutral when it comes to how they feel about faking it, and more than half of men are either embarrassed or try harder. We’re guessing women fake to avoid both of those scenarios. When men did find out, only about 12 percent of both men and women claim their sex life improved. Maybe less than five percent of women feel ashamed about faking it because it’s not their fault. Or is it? Dammit, this is hard. But the worst is yet to come…

More than 60 percent of women who admit to faking did it again with the same person.

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Goddammit, this is worse than the time I tried owning a cat.

So is your girlfriend faking it with you? Well, if you don’t know by now, you’re either one of the lucky ones to have a girl who can orgasm, or you’re doing a good job and should keep it up. But there’s always the chance she’s faking every time and doesn’t give a shit, as long as she gets her beauty sleep. So happy we could help.

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