These Oreos In China Are Stuffed With Cheese And Chili

Cheesecake. Photo: soedarto (Getty)

Forget China. If the powers that be at Kraft want to be number one in the pot shop impulse item game, they need to get these Oreos to Colorado and California weed stores ASAP.

According to The Takeout, Kraft has launched “Oreos 2.0” in China. However, instead of filling two wafers with a delicious mixture of “sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, artificial flavor, and palm and/or canola oil,” Chinese snackers are going to have the privilege of chowing down on matcha tea, chili and cheese-filled cookies.


Hitting the shelves with the name “Jif Jaf” because they no longer own the Oreo brand overseas after selling it to Mondelez International, Inc. in 2012, Kraft is hoping that this concoction will be their first well-received cookie in China. When they tried selling the original Oreo in the ’90s, it was a huge failure and they lost money on every Oreo sold.

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This time around, they’re hoping that descriptions like this one will have the Chinese opening both their mouths and wallets:

Jif Jaf looks similar to Oreos in that it’s two chocolate wafers with a sandwich filling in the middle, but its branding is quite different. Quartz reports that in the cookies’ advertising, each Jif Jaf flavor has its own personality; “the matcha character is calm and zen-like, chili is a thrill-seeker, and cheese is a ladies’ man.”

Wow. It’s official: Chili and cheese Oreos sound like the best thing ever, man. Sign me and the rest of the gang from Wisconsin up for the ladies’ man.