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72-Year-Old And 19-Year-Old Get Married, So You Can Also Find Love

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Hold on for this one, because it’s quite the strange one.

Everyone says that age is your a number. But holy hell, the gap between the two lovers in this story is quite a large number. I’m’ talking about 19-year-old Gary Hardwick, who just recently got married to a woman named Alemeda after two weeks of dating. Alemeda is a grandma. Who is 72-years-old.

According to Gary, it was “love at first sight.” And well, the couple. who are from Tennessee, have now been married for two years. Here’s what Alemda told Barcroft TV:

“If you love somebody, age is just a number. ‘I’ve now been happily married going on two years with my true soul mate. We met at Chuck E Cheese, there was a birthday party there. I looked into his eyes and I just fell in love. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with. I was never intimidated by the age at all.”

Screengrab: YouTube/Barcroft/Adam Woods

And Greg feels the same:

“The first thing that attracted me to Almeda was her beautiful, gorgeous blue eyes. And her personality. She’s always full of laughter and we just connected so well. The chemistry was great. Everything about her has just captured my heart since day one.”

Check out the video below to see more of Greg and Almeda and their very, very true love.

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Despite the staggering difference in their age, Gary and Almeda have similar interests and hobbies. “I never feel as though I’m missing out on anything by being married to Almeda,” Gary said. “I’m really mature for my age, I do not fit into the young age bracket at all. I’ve never been attracted to younger women. Even when I was 13 or 14, I’ve always had an attraction for older women and when I told my grandmother, who raised me, I didn’t know how she would take it. But she accepted us.

A lot of people wait years to get married and everyone has different opinions on getting married quickly. But we knew we were in love, so I jumped on that. ‘The first time we made love was on our wedding night. It was an amazing experience. There was such a deep connection there. She’s a wonderful lover.”

The happy couple are more than aware that a lot of people disagree with the nature of their relationship. And that includes Almeda’s son, who hasn’t spoken to her since the day she met Gary.

And hey, Gary and Alemeda have started their own YouTube channel since getting married so you know it’s true love now. And Gary believes this marriage isn’t a gimmick, but a real thing:

“What does the future hold for Gary and Almeda? I believe amazing things. We want to pursue our dreams on YouTube and be able to inspire more and more people every day that age is just a number – it should not matter. As long as you’re in love with that person, you should follow your heart and be happy and be yourself.”

Well, at least it sounds like their happy. I know couples that are super close in age and are completely miserable, so maybe the key is instead of going to bars to meet potential partners, you can just go to your local senior home.