Single Guy Solutions: Dad Couldn’t Fire ‘Worst’ Nanny Ever,’ So He Married Her

It’s tough to find a good nanny. You want her to be compassionate, patient, fun-loving, experienced, and reliable. And if you’re a dad, you also want her to be hot, or as the kids used to say, “All that and a bag of chips.” (Good luck finding that girl, pops.) So it’s no wonder that a New York papa didn’t complain when he got what he later deemed “the worst” nanny ever. The weird part, though, is that instead of firing her, he married her.

In 2014, Romano found himself divorced, and as a single dad of three kids, the Long Island business owner needed a childminder.

“We were desperate for a nanny at the time. I was working and had full custody so I needed someone to look after the kids,” Ben Romano told News Dog Media.

He hired then-23-year-old Krystle, who had a child herself. But she was anything but Mary Poppins.

“She was honestly the worst nanny we had ever had!” he said. “Her cooking was terrible, her cleaning of the house was terrible and she was terrible at laundry.”

Note that the behaviors he’s complaining about kind of sound like he hired her to take care of him, not the kids, but we digress.

Romano decided to fire Krystle. But when he told his daughter Francesca that Krystle was getting the boot, Francesca “cried and begged me not to fire her,” he said. “She said that Krystle was really nice and she was making her feel like a little girl again. That definitely caught my attention. Krystle wasn’t a good domestic caretaker but I loved that she was making my kids happy,”

So instead of saying “You’re fired!” he said, “Marry me?” And despite (or because of) an age gap that leaves 20 years between the couple and only seven years between Romano’s oldest child and Krystle, it…works?

“When we vacation together as a family or pose for a family portrait, people mistake Krystle for being one of my three daughters,” Romano says. “It doesn’t bother me — I’m used to it now.”

Who’s your daddy now, Krystle?

Cover Photo: Instagram


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