Woman Discovers Husband’s A Cheater After Seeing Photo Of Mistress In Their House On Instagram

Photo: VladimirFLoyd (Getty Images)

Last year we told you folks a story about a woman who learned her husband was cheating on her after finding a photo with a view from her bedroom on another woman’s Instagram. Well, it seems another guy has been busted thanks to Instagram, and once again it takes place in Russia.

According to Daily Mail, 24-year-old Anna Rudenok suspected that her 27-year-old husband Dmitry wasn’t exactly being faithful. And her fears came true after she began going through his Instagram ‘likes’ and realized that he liked a lot of photos of student Emilia Ignatova. And guess what? Some of the photos featured Emilia in Anna’s house, wearing her clothes and hanging with her cat.

Dmitry is a teacher and the chief press officer at South Ural State University, so of course Emilia is one of his students. It gets even worst. One of the photos was of Emilia sitting topless on the edge of a bed in a hotel.

Daily Mail

The furious wife messaged her husband shaming him for his illicit relationship. Her husband immediately removed his Instagram account and Emilia blocked access to hers. Neither of them have denied the wife’s accusations. Anna later claimed that her husband admitted to an 18 month relationship.

She initially claimed Dmitry had threatened her, saying: “He called me and said ‘I’ll destroy you, I’ll bury you, I won’t care that you are the mother of my child.’ I asked him what was my fault? It wasn’t me who had an affair or posted pictures in the wife’s clothes. I am also a woman, and I got fed up with this.’

Anna said: “Then this woman called me and threatened me, too. I said I was ready to go to the police if this was to continue.”

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No shocker here, but Anna and the baby she had with Dmitry have now moved out of the house. No word yet if Anna will be getting a passing grade in Dmitry’s class.

Let this just be yet another example that it never ends well for cheaters. Well, unless you’re the president.