The World Is Running Out Of Tequila So How Do We Deal With Life Now?

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You ever have a tough day at work and the only thing you have to look forward to is heading to the bar straight after work to drown your misery in tequila? If that’s the case, we may need to hold an intervention for you. But there’s a bigger issue at hand: you may not be able to do that anymore because it seems the world is running out of vodka.

Reuters is reporting that since there is massive demand for tequila in big time cities like New York and Tokyo, it has caused a shortage of agave plants. And for those that don’t know, agave plants is what tequila is made from.

It seems like the price for the plant that is needed for that delicious tequila that sometimes makes you depressed and forces you to think about your ex is slowly but surely going up.


Agave farmers have been forced to take some slightly sketchy measures to keep up with tequila demand. Reuters talked to an unnamed farmer who admitted to using immature plants, which don’t make as much tequila. As the younger plants are harvested, the shortage only gets worse.

Another agave farmer told Reuters that fellow growers “are using four-year-old plants because there aren’t any others. “I can guarantee it because I have sold them,” he said.

Even worse, these shortages may last three more years.

Even Patron’s director of strategic planning says that “growth has overtaken us. It’s a crisis of success of the industry.”

Well, if you’re a huge fan of tequila this probably doesn’t bode well for you. But here are other things you can do to get through life:

Drink beer.

Drink vodka.

Invest in a punching bag.

Write an angry letter to your local congressman.

Find a private spot to cry in.

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