Weed Powder Made For The Workplace? Don’t Mind If I Do

Photo: master1305 (Getty)

A Gallup poll conducted last year revealed that a whopping 67 percent of people either hate their job or just simply “are not engaged” at work.

Well, then here’s something that should have one hell of a marketplace.

According to Bon Appetit, there is a new cannabis powder that works well with foods and is perfect for treating your workplace anxiety or lethargy “without intoxication.” It’s called Mondo cannabis powder, and if it’s as good as they’re saying, it looks as though I’m going to be putting this shit on everything from my Cocoa Puffs to my Caesar salads.

From Bon Appetit:

Mondo is marketed as an anti-anxiety supplement that you can take during work hours. Its website promises “anxiety relief without intoxication,” and the small, attractive glass jar is shown resting on a laptop. The powder contains coconut oil, cacao butter, and three parts of the cannabis plant: THC (the compound in cannabis that has psychoactive properties and is still illegal in many states) as well as CBD and CBN (compounds that don’t have psychoactive properties but are used to treat pain and stress). The folks at Mondo start by extracting the cannabis compounds by simmering the cannabis in coconut oil, which gives the product a warm, pleasant aroma and taste. How they make it into a dissolvable powder is a trade secret.

It sounds as though Mondo can easily be mixed into salad dressings, yogurt, coffee, tea and smoothies without compromising taste. Plus, there are no added sugars, so at this point you’re running out of excuses not to use it.

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