Addiction To Video Games Is Now Recognized As A Mental Illness

Gamer nerd playing video games on television. Photo: cyano66 (Getty).

Not too long ago, we told you about evidence which suggests that playing certain video games reveals you might be a genius. It was glorious news for all of us who fire up PS4s, XBox Ones and other platforms to our hearts’ content.

Then, despite all the good they do for people all over, the World Health Organization went and messed up everything and by saying that video game addicts might have some real issues in the head.

Addiction To Video Games Is Now Recognized As A Mental Illness

Dammit all to hell, the WHO just officially called us crazy if we’re taking too much time to game away our problems.

The organization is adding a section to their International Classification of Diseases and naming it “Gaming Disorders” because life is unfair and I just can’t even anymore.

“Health professionals need to recognize that gaming disorder may have serious health consequences,” said Vladimir Poznyak at the WHO’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, according to New Scientist.

The folks at WHO have apparently been trying to get this classification going for nearly a decade. Now they feel they have enough evidence to do it. Call me crazy because I prioritize gaming. I guess that makes me clinical, according to their criteria.

From IFLScience:

According to a current draft, the criteria include making gaming a priority “to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests”, and continuing this despite the risk of it being detrimental to your health – such as lack of sleep and sustenance. However, this behavior must be observed for at least a year before diagnosis can be confirmed.

Here’s a little science experiment for you, the Mandatory reader. Go ahead and take “gaming” out of the paragraph above and replace with some like, oh, I don’t know, “working.” Now THAT is something they can categorize and produce reports from that might lead to everyone getting some much needed time off.

And what will we do with that time off? Gaming. You’re welcome, everybody.

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