Virtual Reality Is The Latest Tool Being Used To Sell Real Estate

Young couple purchase rent property real estate. Photo: dima_sidelnikov (Getty).

Virtual reality is pretty awesome. The technology allows you to step out of your everyday life and do things that you might not do on the regular basis. For example, take a tour of the Playboy Mansion… giggity!

All types of industries are starting to use this tech to their advantage. Gaming, for example, is heavy on the VR tip as new generations of systems make their way to market. But now, it’s getting to the point where you can walk through a house you might purchase by simply throwing on a headset.

Virtual Reality Is Being Used To Sell Real Estate

Brokers and real estate agents are all about showing you properties that may translate into a sale. They’ve long used miniature models to show what homes will look like before they’re built, but now they’re starting to take it a step further, using VR to walk you through your future crib.

One developer in New York is selling their condominiums using virtual reality as one of its most important tools. And judging by the sales, the VR tours are working.

From the New York Post:

VR similarly helped seal the deal for Anthony Sottile and his wife Sharmaine, buyers of a two-bedroom at K. Hovnanian’s West New York 278-unit condo development on the Hudson River (from $600,000 for a one-bedroom to $6 million for a three-bedroom). The developer set up VR tours of the project, called Nine on the Hudson, using Google’s simple Cardboard viewer, which it also included in gift bags given to interested buyers.

This couple’s building isn’t even complete, yet they dropped almost $900,000 to buy the property now just so they can move in around the spring of 2018. That’s a hefty price tag, which apparently is the status quo if you’re going to have a NYC apartment along the river. Anyone got a million bucks I can borrow?

But let’s keep it real and admit we’re not all looking to drop that kind of cash on a place to live. Still, if they’re letting me rock a headset and walk through my pad like I got cash to burn, sign me up for open houses.

If you’re not in the market to buy a home, don’t worry. Virtual reality is still used in a number of other industries. Just ask Rick and Morty.