Under Armour Is Selling Boots Made From Michelin Tires

A tire leaving tracks in the snow. Photo: sandsun (Getty).

It’s supposed to be getting cold out soon (right?). It’s a little weird that we just had a Thanksgiving break where temperatures in the country are hitting record highs, but it’ll eventually start to get nippy out.

The snow will inevitably come and make you miserable for consecutive months. And with it, the treachery of snowy roads. If your car doesn’t have chains or snow tires, it’s going to be a big pain in the ass to get around. But if you don’t mind stepping out for a brisk walk instead of challenging the roadways, there’s a solution that’s slowly gaining traction.

Under Armour Is Selling Boots Made From Michelin Tires

Shoe makers are jumping through all sorts of hoops to earn your business. Under Amour is no different, trying to appeal to the all-important snow tire crowd with its latest effort. The company is selling a “Fat Tire Govie SE Boot” and these things can easily fit on a 4×4 pickup by the looks of them.

The company produced these snow stompers using Michelin rubber around the outsole and GTX lining that makes them waterproof. Don’t bother looking for standard laces to tie these things on, though, because it uses a dial to tighten stainless steel wires around your feet. No more ripped laces, I guess.

In case you’re wondering how much these will set you back, we’ve got the answer for you. At a cost of only $219.99, you’d boot your own mother just to get your hands on a pair.

under armour michelin boots

So gear up, everyone, while we wait for socks that look like 24-inch rims.

h/t Maxim

If these boots aren’t your type of fashion, Nike has you covered with a winter line of their own “Winter White” series for the sneakerhead in all of us.