Women’s 1990s Fashion Trends That We Want To See More Of

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We don’t think of the 1990s like a long time ago, and we don’t usually think that 1990s fashion is that far different from the one in style today, but we’re wrong on both parts. While men’s 1990s fashion is downright laughable, women had some great trends that we wished caught on and became evergreen. Some did, of course, and probably all can sometimes be seen, but they didn’t catch on a larger scale. So instead of every other girl wearing freaking Uggs, we’d like them to try out any of these 1990s styles.

90s men’s fashion should be covered in sand and forgotten like the style of Russell Westbrook, but hopefully, some ladies will see this article and heed our advice. And yes, that is Jennifer Lopez in the photo, she was around in the ’90s believe it or not.

Best Women’s 1990s Fashion Trends


The segment of 1990s female fashion which flourished was the street fashion, there’s hardly anything to salvage from ’90s high-fashion, but there was a lot of head turns on the streets. There is hardly any clothing garment that is more street than the bandana, and we’re thinking about the one in which it is rocked over the hair, not around the neck or in the 2Pac/pin-up style. It brings focus to the face of the women, gives the right amount of attitude, and can be a great color-matching accessory.

Boxers showing / Nylon baggy sweatpants

We’re somewhat surprised by the inclusion of visible boxers as well as it may seem too over the top and even vulgar, but after thinking about it there’s no denying that the borders have been vastly moved. Girls basically go out now with half of their asses hanging out, wearing jeans thongs, and they aren’t as near sexy as the ones in the 1990s that just showed the top of their boxers. This doesn’t seem vulgar at all and is quite intriguing.

The best way to rock the boxers was with either nylon baggy sweatpants, or with low rise jeans. And either worked great on their own too. We all remember describing our school friends the girl in white sweatpants that we saw earlier, and we’re saddened that teens these days hardly have that experience. See-through is the name of the game for this 90s hip hop fashion trend.

Low rise jeans

Unfortunately, instead of these awesome 1990s fashion trends, it’s the 1980s fashion that regained popularity, so what’s in style is high rise jeans which start at the navel and make every butt look like it was put under a rolling pin. Back in our days, girls wore jeans on their hip bones, with their hip bones showing. That is if they didn’t wear boxers underneath, which is totally fine. But the really low jeans were a sight to behold from every side. And the hip bone was very interesting.


All of the desirable 1990s fashion trends we singled out so far were derivative of the street, urban fashion and although berets can be, and were, mixed with it, they are still regarded as a part of high-fashion. But it’s not the type of snobby high fashion that is reserved only for gala events and runways, berets are easy to incorporate into outfits and make any girl look 10x cuter and more sophisticated. Which is always great.

Do you agree with us or do you consider these styles fashion catastrophes? Which of the female 90s fashion trends did you like the most and would love to see make a comeback?

Unlike These Women’s 1990s Fashion Trends, We Hope This Garment Will Become Extinct.


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