The Converse Logo: All You Need To Know About the American Classic

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Even the local lemonade-stand now has a logo, so in the ocean of them, it is only the very best, memorable ones that are ingrained into our collective mind. The Converse logo is definitely one of them, even though it’s not as straightforward, simple as the majority of the popular, sports shoe logos. But the famed Converse logo has undergone some changes in recent part of the company’s history, although Converse did not erase the former one from use, but rather like Reebok, introduced new ones, while the original will still find their use.

Unlike the Lacoste one, everybody knows what it really is, but maybe not its history and meaning. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about it.

Converse History

Converse is surely one of the most American companies ever created, which is saying a lot since it is a constantly patriotic nation built on strong businesses. And the Converse logo is as iconic for the company’s as are its product features like the All Star’s rubber sole, smooth rounded toe, and wrap-around strip.

Converse started leaving his mark on the United States in 1908, firstly by making and selling rubber shoes. Only in 1915 did the company started making athletic shoes, and the famed All-Star basketball shoe was created in 1917 when a basketball player named Charles H. ‘Chuck’ Taylor walked into the company complaining of sore feet. He was employed as a salesman and an ambassador for the shoe, and his signature was added to the Converse patch on the shoes. His influence was so important that people often say that they are wearing ‘black Chuck Taylor’s’, not All-Stars.

During World War II, the company started making shoes for the U.S. military, establishing its position as one of the symbols of America. It was later, through people’s choice to wear All Stars outside the basketball courts, that the company became one of the most recognizable true American brands. The logo itself did help with that.

Converse Logo Explained

The Converse Logo Is consisted of a five-pointed black star surrounded by a black circle, underneath this symbol is the name of the company in its special, one of a kind, futuristic font. Since stars are to be found on the U.S. flag and are a big part of the U.S. military insignia, it definitely helped with the company’s image of being 100% American. It was created from the need of the company to differentiate itself on the market with something simple and elegant.

Yet, that is not the only Converse logo as the company has two more iterations of it. The one that is currently being most used as it is seen as more modern. It is the one in which the circle-less five-pointed black star has a black chevron to its side. But the company does use other color patterns, the most common one can be seen in the company’s avatar on Instagram below. This logo was introduced in the ’70s in order to showcase the company’s desire to strive forward.

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The next Converse logo is the one in which the star is simply placed inside the ‘O’ in Converse. It is mostly used on clothing items, not on shoes and is the most subtle one. Sometimes shoes and clothes of the Converse company simple have a star on them, without any circles or the words, which is to be expected since they have so many created products.

According to the brand itself, 60% of all Americans have owned a pair of All-Star shoes before, so the Converse logo is and was omnipresent. So now you know everything you need about this common sight.

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