Nike’s FlyLeather Sneakers Are Made Out Of Garbage Because Mother Nature Needs Some Good News

Photo: Via Nike

Alright, sneakerheads, here at Mandatory we don’t talk a ton about sneakers, but when we do all you lovely folks are super eager to hear all about it — that’s why you guys were all about the beer repellent sneakers as well as you were all about our ranking of the top basketball shoes of the ’90s. But now it’s time to talk about Nike’s latest creation that is all about turning your trash into some super fly kicks.

Photo: via NIKE FlyLeather

Photo: via Nike

The sneaker in the spotlight is Nike’s new Flyleather, which involve Nike taking your recycled garbage (because you recycle, right?) and turning it into some sneakers you can rock on your next Tinder date. But while looking great is important, what’s more important is saving planet earth and these kicks go a long way in doing that as they greatly reduce its carbon imprint. And that’s a plus.

FlyLeather also are made with a leather-like material that is 40% lighter, as well as five times more durable. Here’s more news about the FlyLeather kicks thanks to Nike that Mother Nature will dig.

During a typical leather manufacturing process, up to 30 percent of a cow’s hide is discarded and often ends up in a landfill. To reduce this waste, Nike gathers the discarded leather scrap from the floor of tanneries and turns them into fibers. Then, those recycled leather fibers are combined with synthetic fibers and a fabric infrastructure via a hydro process with a force that’s so strong it fuses everything into one material. The material then goes through a finishing process, which can include things like pigmentation, and is completed by being put on a roll to be cut.

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Photo: via Nike

FlyLeather is hoping to change the impact that Nike’s sneakers usual have on carbon emissions. Here are three reasons how it will aim towards a better environment.

1) It uses 90-percent less water and has an 80-percent lower carbon footprint than traditional leather manufacturing

2) A pair of Nike Flyleather shoes has approximately half the carbon footprint compared to shoes made with traditional leather

3) Because Nike Flyleather is produced on a roll, it improves cutting efficiency and creates less waste than traditional cut-and-sew methods for full-grain leather

So as you can tell Nike is doing all it can to preserve the environment we live in. So, getting yourself a pair?


h/t Sneaker News/Nike

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