NYC Server Fired For Putting ‘Ching Chong’ On Asian Woman’s Receipt

Photo: Facebook/Ziggy Chau

If you turn on the news right now you’re bound to hear a story about someone who decided to be completely ignorant and racist to another person, and this story right here is no different. It all kicked off when an Asian woman went to a New York restaurant called Cornerstone Cafe to order some breakfast food. And all was well until the woman looked at her receipt and noticed that a server, identified only as “Rubi,” had written this racial slur: “Ching Chong.”

The woman decided to show her daughter the vile remark, and in turn the daughter showed it to her friend, Ziggy Chau, who then shared it on Facebook where it blew up.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Facebook/Ziggy Chau

Photo: Facebook/Ziggy Chau

Here’s what Chau first had to say:

“Racism has no place ANYWHERE. Asians friends――- speak up for ALL… not just when it affects you, please. Can you please share this to your page? Hate to get political but in light of what is happening here in the USA and our current president seem to make it ok to come out and be blatantly racist.”

Chau also said that she reached out to Cornerstone Cafe herself.

“I explained the situation to the manager by the name of Rocco who then proceeded to ask me so what is the customer’s name then? I said regardless, the receipt said Ching Chong, a derogatory term for Asians.

He made an excuse and said maybe the server misheard the name. I said the receipt is being shared on social media and his restaurant should respond to it. I asked him to issue a public apology on their social media channels so we shall see what happens.”

And since the post went viral and everyone was taking a dump on the restaurant the manager finally apologized.

“This situation leaves me no choice than to terminate this employee for this unjustified act. It definitely does not reflect the way the Cornerstone staff or I think because of one individuals stupidity.”

Took long enough. Although the backlash will be tough to come back from that’s for sure.

h/t Huffington Post

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