Tinder Gal Warns Dudes That Any Dick Pics Will Be Sent To Their Mom, One Guy Obviously Sends One Anyway

So it’s pretty obvious that this woman was not bluffing at all.

The majority of women do not want to open their phone and see a random dick pic (even porn stars don’t). There’s no other way to put it. But some guys still send them, and one guy paid the price. Let us explain.

A 20-year-old Arizona State University student named Madi Kohn made sure to include a dick pics warning in her Tinder bio that said this: “If you send me dick pics I will send them to your mom.” Seems straightforward enough. Take a look at Madi’s Tinder profile below.

Photo: Tinder/Madi Kohn

Photo: Tinder/Madi Kohn

Well guess what one guy decided to go? You got it. He decided to send her a picture of his down below anyway.

tinder woman2

Photo: Tinder/Madi Kohn

“He was sending kind of creepy and kind of gross and annoying things to me,” Madi told BuzzFeed. “He finally sent me his lovely dick picture — he sent it to me at 6 a.m. in the morning.”


Madi said she thinks the user must have found her Instagram account via Tinder, as she’d included the link in her Tinder bio. She says that Tinder was the only place she had shared her Instagram account publicly at the time.

Madi said she saw the direct message while she was at work, and “got so heated.” She then thought, “I’m going to live up to my Tinder bio.” So she went on the user’s page and noticed a full name in his bio. (The user has since changed his account name and removed his last name from the bio.)

She said she then searched for this name on Facebook, and one result seemed to logically match up. Madi said there were only a few profiles with his full name, and only one in Arizona (and in a city that was next to hers).

“Because Tinder has a distance range, and based on his location, I thought this has to be guy,” she said. “He had his family listed, too.” Madi said she had done enough “stalking” to determine one of the family members linked was “without a doubt his mom.”

And then she sent that dude’s mom this:

tinder woman3

Photo: Madi Kohn

The dude’s mom replied back as best as she could as it is obvious English is her second-language, but she did seem apologetic for her tool of a son’s actions.

tinder woman4

Photo: Madi Kohn

The guy who sent the dick pic is named Ryan, and once this all happened he quickly changed his username on Instagram.

Photo: Tinder/Madi Kohn

Photo: Instagram

But guess what? Ryan actually had a response for BuzzFeed to all this chaos.

“I will say this. If that was ‘me’ what she did was illegal. You can’t share those types of ‘private’ pics without consent,” he wrote. I am not sure if you are aware of that. My mom, my sister, other family members, my friends — no one cared,” he wrote. “I think the fact that no one cared pushed her of [sic] the edge to try to make a big deal out of this.

My mom knows very little English so I don’t know if she understood what was going on. She was just surprised by the picture she was sent from her. She apologized the best she could because she did not know what was going. She called me and just told me about it.”

In conclusion, this dude isn’t very bright at all.

(Facebook image: Madi Kohn)

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