Broadway Barn: Buying into a Better British Bed & Breakfast

In the age of Airbnb, the bed and breakfast sometimes seems a potentially endangered species. When folks anywhere can throw open a house and let folks crash there, the formality of booking a house that is essentially standing in for a hotel might seem to some folks as overly complicated.

However, a night’s stay at an establishment like the Broadway Barn will scold that idea and send it into a corner to think about what it’s done. When the visitor beholds the pride, hard work and attention to detail built into feature of the Surrey, UK B&B, he or she will recognize the value of such a professional establishment over some amateur, money grab spot.

Tucked away on the Ripley High Street near Woking in the upscale villages southwest of London, the Broadway Barn a quick visit unveils why many celebrities love to hide here when coming to the UK capital. Ripley sits about 30 minutes from London and maybe 20 minutes from Heathrow and might be best known as the family home of Eric Clapton and its proximity to prominent London-area recording spots like The Farm.

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With its polished, intimate interiors and guest rooms created in individual themes, Broadway Barn takes full advantage of its 200+ year-old home. The minds behind the high-end B&B made sure to keep as much of the original working complex’s roofs, bricks walls and other vintage building features.

All rooms contain all the essentials for the leisure travel — from excellent beds to big bathtubs to easily accessed wifi. But, one of the best features of this gem is its positioning on the High Street. A pedestrian could pass by time and time again without ever knowing it was there. The Broadway Barn is set back off the street by about 20 yards and lacks a gaudy sign. So, its public presentation is as discreet as its interior is elegant.

As for the breakfast end of this B&B, the visitor enjoys an ample morning meal to order in the Broadway Barn’s bright, open and glass-lined conservatory dining room. Only a stubborn fool would be able to walk away from this spot hungry.

If headed to Broadway Barn for a stay, it’s recommended travelers contact Ronain Portis at Hoebridge Cars in Surrey. Not only will the service get you to the door worry-free, Portis lives in the area and will be able to direct you to the best restaurants and attractions in the rural destination.