Cyclist Shares Photo Of His Legs After The Tour de France And Shocks Twitter

Photo: Instagram/Pawel Poljanski

This dude definitely did not miss leg day.

Hey, did you know that the Tour de France is currently going on? You didn’t That’s OK, neither did we. No one cares about that sport. But there is one reason we are mentioning it now and that’s all thanks to cyclist Pawel Poljanski.

Pawel decided to take it to his Instagram to show everyone his legs after sixteen stages of the classic race. And well, let’s just say they look like they are straight out of a horror movie. Take a look at the photo below thanks to Pawel’s Instagram which included this caption: “After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired.”

After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired #tourdefrance

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As terryfing as that looks there is actually a reason his legs look like a nightmare.


It’s a condition called enhanced vascularity. Dr. Bradley Launikonis (from the University of Queensland’s School of Biomedical Science) told ABC News that “elite” cyclists have twice as much blood flow to their legs than do “recreational” bicyclists. He explains that arteries carry blood quickly to the leg muscles that need oxygen, but due to the athlete pushing himself to his limits, the blood pools in the veins after being in the legs for a long time, making the veins overly visible.

Well regardless, Twitter was freaked out.

All understandable reactions.

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