Olympic Rower Shows Photo Of His Hands After Long Expedition And It Grossed Twitter Out

Photo: Instagram/Alex Gregory

Earlier this summer cyclist Pawel Poljanski decided to show Twitter a photo of his legs after competing at the Tour de France and let’s just say that it shocked the hell out of Twitter. Well this time around the spotlight is on British Olympic rower Alex Gregory. And that’s because he decided to gross Twitter out by showing how his hands look after rowing for hours upon hours.

The two-time Olympic gold medallist took it to his Twitter to show his mangled hands to his 13.2k followers. And what his followers see are a pair of pale and swollen legs filled with wrinkles and blisters. They look like the hands of a 90-year-old man, not a man who is 33-years-old.

Check out the crazy photo below.

Gross, huh? And Twitter agreed.

Well, those hands have won gold medals, so that’s something.

h/t UPI

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